Amazing Tillandsia road

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Our roots reach deep and our extraordinary Tillandsia journey goes way back.

Corsa has been home to impressive, rare, unusual, timeless and exclusive air plants for years. Tillandsia are native to nature in Central America. Our Tillandsia are grown responsibly on farms in Guatemala. With a team of local plant lovers, we grow the vast majority of our products by propagating the mother plants on these farms.

Each farm grows different varieties of Tillandsia, which means that each growing process looks slightly different, but we can guarantee that every product is produced with the same love and attention. Each plant is then selected by hand and transported to our farm in the Netherlands with the highest possible care. In this way, we stimulate the local economy and Corsa contributes to the maintenance of nature.

We are convinced that good partnership is fundamental to success. That is why we have been investing for years in the relationship with our growers, the quality of our farms and the people behind our business. We trade together. For over 35 years. And from the bottom of our hearts, we don’t let anyone fall short in this.

Fostering relationships through nature

Let’s grow together

Our range of green houseplants is handed down from generation to generation. It all started with the cultivation of Beaucarneas in Guatemala. In the first years, these plants were imported directly from the farms to the Netherlands in carton boxes. Later, the import of yuccas was added. To make the transport of these plants more efficient, we started producing handmade, wooden crates in cooperation with the supplier.

With a passion for successful trading, we are always looking for new, quality products and creative ways to touch hearts. With this in mind, we therefore started selling these wooden crates separately. And also in this part of our journey, the family aspect is clearly visible. For instance, one of our crates is distinctly recognisable by the year ‘1967’: The year of birth of our founders. Today, Corsa is a worldwide supplier of these handmade wooden crates

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With more than 50 species and arrangements, we are Europe’s largest supplier in Tillandsia.

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Today Corsa is a worldwide supplier of unique handmade wooden crates from Guatemala.

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Green Plants

Our range of green houseplants is timeless and are known for their outstanding quality.

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