Countryside dreaming, cosy feeling

A pallet of earthy tones, rustic materials and elements with a creative touch. A place where natural materials and domestic life come together.

Feeling grounded by green

The combination of different warm tones and natural materials guarantees a cosy and homely look. Plants should definitely not be forgotten. In fact, they are the key to bringing more green, more colour and more character into your home. By combining different pots and plant species, an interior in this style is shown to its full advantage.

Country breeze warms the soul

Embrace the place where we connect

The kitchen is a place where we spend much of our time at home. Moments of socialising, togetherness and where conversations come to life. A country kitchen has a lot of character on its own, and the items that belong in it are mostly inspired by nature. Add eye-catching tropical air plants and give a creative twist to your interior. You can create and combine endlessly with these decorative plants, and because they don’t need any potting soil, they are easy to add anywhere.


Turning your bathroom into a green oasis is definitely a good idea. After all, it is not just the place where we freshen up, it is also the place to come to rest, relax and recharge at the start or end of the day.  The addition of plants adds a touch of colour, but also brings extra atmosphere, peace and health to the space. Tillandsia are very suitable bathroom plants as they are used to warm temperatures and like high humidity.

Season of cosy and comfort